ECOPIONEER: People who first enter into a region to obtain a more sustainable future...

ECOPIONEER inspires people about renewable energy and other sustainable solutions through one of a kind off grid installations at events and festivals. These innovative mobile systems are created by New Sun productions and utilize state of the art technology to achieve a glimpse of the future with renewable energy and high efficiency solutions.

Looking Forward to the Future...

Beta Shed

First envisioned in 2010 for SDR and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge the Beta Sheds are now under construction in collaboration with SUNY ( State University of New York) at their Ulster and Rockland campus.

A brief history of Ecopioneer

After 16 months of work developing the Gen 2 solar powered air-conditioned tent (a 6X9 tent with a DC direct system hooked up to a swamp cooler and reflective cover to reflect thermal heat) Ecopioneer's Alpha tent made it's first debut at the clearwater festival in NY.

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